Fall Silently (Remix 2017) - Ephixa ft Veela - DJ Vu Toan ft DJ Hs145

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Fall silen***..
Breathe so slo***..
Gasp on your knees..
Search for your freedom..

When I close my eyes to the sirens, I can hear them calling
They used to*** angels then, but now I o*** see them falling
If I turn my head to this violence, then I'm rea*** stalling
Just look to the table, then you'd understand and see I'm all in
Because the freedom's fallen, I will align this scope
And if you slide this slope you'll collide inside my kaleidoscope
With the slightest hope, I can still lift this weight
Then I'll climb this rope, cause I must find a way to exit this fate
So please don't mistake, the person that you made*** into
I am still who I was inside - just adding e***thing I've***en through
Yeah this life ain't simple, but it's oh so sinful
That's why I spit it slow-mo with a cold flow so I can go h***, into
Uh, the light, instead of the darkness
And I wonder what this world would*** like, if we could both*** partners
But I know we can't, so I just hope these archers
That work for Cupid, please give*** what I need - cause I'm close to heartless..

Cause I know you've built*** a sculpture, but it's made of sulfur
So I just hope your, scavengers fall for my trick - cause if I play dead I can eat this vulture
Doesn't matter what they told ya, please Watchers put this culture through a mulcher
I just hope you don't sit down and watch Big Brother motherfucker cause it's MK Ultra
That's a glitch in the system, and it's worse than cancer
And the answer, is a stanza full of banter hidden in a secret mantra
If you just knew half my strength, I sting like a wasp and float like a manta
While you just drink Fanta, with your free hamper, bitch I am eating damper
Now I'm sipping liquid a***r, if I fall down, I just need a hand to
Samba, cause I'm slipping, tripping on this ca***r, in a small town I don't need no slander
And the vision that your missing, so much grander, with a tall crown you just need a plan to
Stand up, we're living in a prison full of anger, with a call sound I can find a panther
(Raaarghhh!) So do you know the amplitude, of this situation?
To*** sitting, waiting patient, listening in for disinformation
But this limitation, is making*** feel violent
Cause soon we, will all***, falling, (silent), assassin(nation)..

You don't know about pain, I have***en through it all
Like I've paid the price of f***, without my n*** on the wall
And I'm done playing this g***, so I turn violent
Guess you're gonna have to remove my whole voice box from my throat just to keep*** silent, when I fall
Like I won't stop screaming, I can't wake up, so I guess I must not*** dreaming
And I wanna*** leaving, but it's impossible, so I'm just stuck***lieving
When I see a sign, I will feel that it's divine, till it's presence intertwines, into mine
And I ain't stuck in t***, any longer, I'm wandering off into the yonder, where it's not gonna*** freezing
But it's just deceiving, cause what you're witnessing is, like an entire
Army of fans, shouting your n***, but they all want, you to retire
Nobody goes higher, so till I fall, Imma give you my all, and break down this wall
So you don't need to set*** free now - I just set myself on fire
If it's down to the wire, why are we trying to, prove who can spit the dopest
Here we go again, I don't wanna win, cause the o*** thing I lose is focus
And if I'm not falling, I'm forcing endorphin's to morph, so proceed with caution
Cause that was just a portion, but what I'm rea*** causing is more like a form of, mass-hypnosis..

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