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Fall silently..
Breathe so slowly..
Gasp on your knees..
Search for your freedom..

When I close my eyes to the sirens, I can hear them calling
They used to be angels then, but now I only see them falling
If I turn my head to this violence, then I'm really stalling
Just look to the table, then you'd understand and see I'm all in
Because the freedom's fallen, I will align this scope
And if you slide this slope you'll collide inside my kaleidoscope
With the slightest hope, I can still lift this weight
Then I'll climb this rope, cause I must find a way to exit this fate
So please don't mistake, the person that you made me into
I am still who I was inside - just adding everything I've been through
Yeah this life ain't simple, but it's oh so sinful
That's why I spit it slow-mo with a cold flow so I can go home, into
Uh, the light, instead of the darkness
And I wonder what this world would be like, if we could both be partners
But I know we can't, so I just hope these archers
That work for Cupid, please give me what I need - cause I'm close to heartless..

Cause I know you've built me a sculpture, but it's made of sulfur
So I just hope your, scavengers fall for my trick - cause if I play dead I can eat this vulture
Doesn't matter what they told ya, please Watchers put this culture through a mulcher
I just hope you don't sit down and watch Big Brother motherfucker cause it's MK Ultra
That's a glitch in the system, and it's worse than cancer
And the answer, is a stanza full of banter hidden in a secret mantra
If you just knew half my strength, I sting like a wasp and float like a manta
While you just drink Fanta, with your free hamper, bitch I am eating damper
Now I'm sipping liquid amber, if I fall down, I just need a hand to
Samba, cause I'm slipping, tripping on this camber, in a small town I don't need no slander
And the vision that your missing, so much grander, with a tall crown you just need a plan to
Stand up, we're living in a prison full of anger, with a call sound I can find a panther
(Raaarghhh!) So do you know the amplitude, of this situation?
To be sitting, waiting patient, listening in for disinformation
But this limitation, is making me feel violent
Cause soon we, will all be, falling, (silent), assassin(nation)..

You don't know about pain, I have been through it all
Like I've paid the price of fame, without my name on the wall
And I'm done playing this game, so I turn violent
Guess you're gonna have to remove my whole voice box from my throat just to keep me silent, when I fall
Like I won't stop screaming, I can't wake up, so I guess I must not be dreaming
And I wanna be leaving, but it's impossible, so I'm just stuck believing
When I see a sign, I will feel that it's divine, till it's presence intertwines, into mine
And I ain't stuck in time, any longer, I'm wandering off into the yonder, where it's not gonna be freezing
But it's just deceiving, cause what you're witnessing is, like an entire
Army of fans, shouting your name, but they all want, you to retire
Nobody goes higher, so till I fall, Imma give you my all, and break down this wall
So you don't need to set me free now - I just set myself on fire
If it's down to the wire, why are we trying to, prove who can spit the dopest
Here we go again, I don't wanna win, cause the only thing I lose is focus
And if I'm not falling, I'm forcing endorphin's to morph, so proceed with caution
Cause that was just a portion, but what I'm really causing is more like a form of, mass-hypnosis..