♫ Thể loại: Nonstop,
♪ Thông tin tác phẩm:

02.Rain Over Me
03.Come Far Away
04.Bacie Me
05.Tonight Im Fucking You
07.Hoai Linh Fuck
08.Love the way you lie
09.Ravers fantasy
10.I fly with you
11.Till The Wordl end
12.Sexy lady
14.Crying Soul
15.Could You Be Mine
16.Xin Dung Den Ben Anh
17.From Paris To Berlin
18.Em La Mon Qua Vo Gia
19.Sound Of My Dream
20.I Like It
21.Free Your Mind
22.I Wanna Go
23.I Wont Be Crying
24.I Bat Man
25.Im Still Hot
26.In My Zone
27.No More goodbye
28.We run the night
29.Weekend has come
30.Taking back my love
31.Never Given It Up
32.Find your Self
34.Free you mind
36.Vamos a la playa
38.Bomba if shine on me
39.Bomba feat devil
40.I saw you walking in the rain
41.I Like the Way
42.In My Zone
43.Lendo Calendo
44.Rocking in the best
45.Set Me Free
46.She Got It
47. The Magic Key
48.They Dont Know
49.Scream and shout
50.I Like It To Move It